» High Season

Nov. 15—April 30, July 15—Aug 31
Honeymoon Villa: $260 usd.
Romance Villa: $260 usd.
Sea Villas & Beach Villas: $240 usd.

» Low season:

May 1—July 14, Sept. 1—Nov. 14
Honeymoon Villa: $210 usd.
Romance Villa: $210 usd.
Sea Villas & Beach Villas: $190 usd.

» Holiday season:

Dec. 18—Jan. 2
(seven night minimum stay)
Honeymoon Villa: $290 usd.
Romance Villa: $290 usd.
Sea Villas & Beach Villas: $270 usd.

Rates are for the Azulik villa only, and do not include meals. Please see our cancellation policy before booking.

The Tulum archaeological site is within walking distance from Azulik, along the beach to the north. Bring your swimsuit, because there is a beautiful swimming place just in front of the ruins to cool off in the afternoons.

Coba ruins
Located about 45 minutes from Tulum along a quiet highway through the jungle and are well worth visiting by either car or bus. The ruins are located near the pueblo of Cobá, which has developed around a beautiful quiet lagoon. There are several small restaurants with open terraces with a view of the lagoon where you can have breakfast before visiting the ruins.

Chichen Itza
It is also possible to make daytrips from Tulum to Chichen Itza, by either bus or car. The trip takes about two hours in a car, more by bus. Don´t forget to visit Chichén viejo, which is one kilometer south of the ruin known as "the nunnery," down a dirt road. Follow the signs near the nunnery.

Punta Laguna
A small island in the middle of a lagoon and one of the best places in the world to see spider monkeys in their natural habitat. This is not a park, but where the monkey communities are based in the jungle. Canoes can be rented to cross the lagoon to the island. Just an hour drive from Tulum, down the highway to Coba. Turn toward Xcan when you reach the intersection.

Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve
A favorite destination of visitors to the Tulum area, with the entrance is located just 5 km. south of Azulik, down the road to Punta Allan. We can book you for a guided tour of the reserve with an explanation of all the natural highlights.

These natural freshwater pools with underwater caves and caverns are unique to the Yucatan peninsula and make for a great place to swim, snorkel, or scuba dive. The Tulum area is full of cenotes, and each one is unique.

Scuba diving
Tulum is unique in that both open water sea diving as well as cavern and cave diving for the adventurous travelers can be experienced with our scuba tours. Scuba and snorkeling gear may be rented, and you can choose from a variety of different underwater adventures.

Ask on-site to find out which tours are currently available in and around Tulum, depending on season and weather conditions. There is usually a wide variety of options available, including all-day jungle tours, snorkeling tours, visits to archaeological sites with local Mayan shamans, etc.