Is there an additional charge for room service?
There is a special menu for Azulik guests. Tip is not included.
Are there restaurants nearby?
Yes, the Cabanas Copal restaurant is right next door, and the Zahra restaurant is a five minute walk away.
Are there mosquito nets on the beds?
All of the beds have mosquito nets. Please be sure to carefully tuck the net underneath the mattress for mosquito protection. If the net is not tucked in well, mosquitos may fly or crawl under the netting.
Is Azulik clothing optional?
What amenities does Azulik have?
Azulik is intended to be a relaxing, romantic retreat for couples, and the Azulik property consists of just the villas. Azulik shares all the amenities of Cabanas Copal, next door, including: holistic spa, temazcal (indigenous sweat lodge), dry floatation tank, tours & information services, ayak and snorkel rentals, and restaurant. Room service from Copal may be requested for dining in your villa, or you can request in-room spa services such as massage, reiki, or mud wraps for no extra cost.
How do I order room service?
Room service may be requested by placing the red flag outside your villa. The Azulik concierge will pass by and take your order.
How do I get to Azulik?
Please see our directions online.
When is check-in?
Check-in is at 3:00 p.m. You are welcome to arrive earlier if you wish, butwe cannot guarantee your villa will be ready before that time.
When is checkout?
12:00 p.m.
Are children welcome?
Sorry, Azulik is an adults-only resort. No exceptions.
Can I bring my pets?
Sorry, pets are not accepted at Azulik.
Is there a safe available?
Yes! There are two safes in the Azulik reception for storing documents and larger items.
How do I choose between Zahra, Copal, and Azulik?
Cabanas Copal is the first of the EcoTulum hotels, and it´s the largest hotel on the largest property: 47 cabanas on 200 meters of beachfront. It has a rustic, jungle feel, and the cabanas are all situated among palm trees and thick vegetation. There is a mix of seaview and gardenview cabanas. Copal is popular among couples and families seeking an adventure. The Copal restaurant, Maya Spa, bikes, snorkel gear, kayaks and yoga classes are accessible no matter which hotel you stay at.

Azulik was designed with couples in mind, 15 villas on 65 meters of beachfront. All villas are perched on a cliff or are beachfront. Azulik is most popular with couples and honeymooners, as it is an adults-only property. Although it has no restaurant, Zahra and Copal are within a 5 minute walk and room service is available.

Zahra is a much smaller property than Cabanas Copal and Azulik. The cabanas and rooms are grouped together near the restaurant, so everything is conveniently close by. This also lends to a more social and family atmosphere. While the property is filled with palm trees and lilies, there is not much other vegetation, so the hotel has less of a jungle feel. Zahra has a boutique hotel atmosphere and most of the rooms and cabanas face the garden courtyard. The beach is close to all the rooms, and Zahra has 5 cabanas which sit right on the beach.
How many people can stay in one villa?
The villas have one king size bed and one hanging queen lounge bed, for a maximum of four guests per room. We ask that children be left at home, as Azulik is an adults-only resort. Please also keep in mind the villa does have one bathtub in the common area and that singles traveling together would have to vacate the villa to offer privacy to the other while bathing.
What is the weather like?
May is usually the warmest month of the year. The rainy season usually kicks in for June, July, and August making these months generally cooler. Check out weather.com for year-round averages in the area, or consult The Weather Network, which shows averages for Akumal, just a half hour north of Tulum.
Does Azulik have air conditioning?
None of the EcoTulum Resorts have air conditioning, though Zahra does have ceiling fans in all rooms.
Where can I recharge batteries?
In the reception of your hotel you can request to recharge batteries during the hours of the generator.
How can I contact reception?
Reception is on MSN Messenger: azulik@hotmail.com. Please note that this email is for Messenger contact only, and all reservations requests should be directed to ecotulum@eco-res.com.
How far away is the spa?
Most Maya Spa services can be requested for in-room service. However, if you would like to have them in our spa therapy rooms, you have two options to choose from: the Copal beach spa (near the seaview cabanas) or jungle spa (near the gardenview cabanas), or the Zahra cliff spa (near the Tunich cabanas). All spa facilities are within 2-3 minutes walking distance within Copal, or maximum 5 minutes between hotels.
How do I book a spa treatment online?
Please click here to book a spa treatment online for Maya Spa. Please note that not all treatments may be booked online. If you are interested in booking a treatment that is not available online, please email us with your question, or call us locally once you are within Mexico at 984 871 2750. You can book in person at the spa desk at Cabanas Copal. Please keep in mind that all therapists have changing schedules, so if you are coming from another hotel and have a specific therapist request, please give us a call beforehand so we can set up an appointment within that person´s schedule.
How many meters is the beach away from the villas? How long does it take to walk there?
That depends on the time of year and weather conditions, which affect the sand on the beach. During some months, all villas have sandy beach in front of them. At other times of the year, the farthest are a 40 meter walk from the sandy beaches.
Are there mosquitos in Tulum?
During the rainy season, July through December. there are some mosquitos. We recommend buying mosquito repellent sprays and spirals to make your stay more comfortable. Natural Mayatan repellent sprays and citronella candles are available in our store.
Does each villa have its own bathroom with a toilet and hot water?
All villas have private bathrooms with hot water. The running water comes from our well, and is brackish. Water pressure may not be as strong as you are used to at home, and the water quality may vary from what you are used to. Please note that the exterior bathtubs are intended to be used as lounge tubs filled with warm water. Unfortunately due to jungle conditions, there is not enough hot water available to fill them up with hot water.
Is there parking?
Yes, at the main entrance.
What credit cards are accepted at Azulik?
At this time, we only accept Visa and MasterCard. While American Express is accepted for online reservations, we do NOT accept it in Tulum. Thanks!
Is what I read on TripAdvisor about poor service really true?
If you look at the date that comments are posted, you will notice that all recent comments are positive. We recently employed a full time concierge to address the requests of guests. There is a flag on the outside of each villa and if you are in need of assistance (as we do not have telephones in the villas), you raise the flag and within the hour, our concierge will tend to your wishes. Please remember, we are in a fairly rustic environment and in some cases , we have had to initiate creative methods of providing modern conveniences. We are always interested in improving customer service, and request that all guests fill out their questionnaire upon check-out to help us refine details in our guest service. See what´s been said about Azulik and EcoTulum Resorts in the media, including magazine articles and online reviews.